L.A. Goodbye – Secret Service

As a follow-up to “Ye-Si-Ca” I wrote “L.A. Goodbye”. The band found it little bit silly, but at the same time catchy.

Peter Goldmann, who had become world famous after making videos for The Beatles songs “Strawberry Fields” and “Penny Lane”, made the videos for both “Ye-Si-Ca” and “L.A. Goodbye”. But I suspect to a completely different budget…

If not the best, “L.A. Goodbye” is definitely not the worst. When another well-known Swedish songwriter and artist borrowed parts from the song some years later, I took it as a compliment.

Sometimes when I stand on a stage in Russia singing “L.A. Goodbye” I feel a fantastic response from the audience. They still love the song. And when I sing my unimaginable high vocal harmony:

“We tried to stay together, as if it were forever” …

…I always get a tear in my eyes and feel great respect for Björn Håkanson who wrote the story of a couple leaving each other at an airport. But romantics like me, they probably only exist in Russia today…

Secret Service
L.A. Goodbye
Secret Service L.A. Goodbye