Thoughts and reaction from Tim:

“Gunesh was No. 2 with “I Won’t Cry” in Belarus Eurovision Contest after the cheating Alekseev with his song “Forever” that he obviously has performed at many concerts in May 2017, long before it’s allowed according to the ESB rules.

Bribes and corruption made him a winner. And what did Jon Ola Sand, the Executive Supervisor at EBU and responsible for ESC do in Minsk on February 14, two days before the Belarus Eurovision Contest? He left before the contest. Belarus TV company says that he discussed Junior Eurovision Song Contest in November, but I don’t believe it, and many with me…”

Here is an article in the biggest Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet from March 07:


Many reactions:

Belarus 2018 🇧🇾 Tim Norell ready to sue the EBU and BTRC for breaching their own rules

Lyric writer Alexander Bard on Twitter:

“Rigging seems to be standard for #Eurovision in Eastern Europe. But never before has it been so blatant as when #escbelarus 2018 admit publicly #Alekseev’s victory, with an old song, was rigged due to sponsors demanding he win. When will the #EBU react and clean up the #ESC?”


To be continued…


February 16, 2018 is the finale in Belarus Eurovision competition. There Gunesh competes with the song “I Will not Cry” with music by Tim Norell and with lyrics by Ola Håkansson and Alexander Bard. Production by Anders Hansson and Tim Norell.

It is also available on iTunes, YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, and other media: Streaming & Download


Gunesh is a popular Belarusian singer. Born and raised in Belarus. Experience on the professional stage – more than 15 years. Her artistic career began as a contest singer. The winner and owner of Grand Prix of many prestigious international vocal competitions. In 2005, after the participating the International Competition of Young Performers “Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk” – has received wide acclaim. In 2006, in the “Song of the Year in Belarus,” on the results of audience voting with wide margin became the first. In 2010 became a member of the International Association of festivals and artists – WAFA. In 2011 Gunesh was awarded high state award – the Skarina Medal. The soloist of the “Youth Variety Theatre” in Minsk.

The actress-vocalist of the highest category is awarded the Grand Award and a rank of the winner of a special fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus A.G.Lukashenko on the support of talented youth.


Популярная белорусская певица. Родилась и выросла в Беларуси. Опыт работы на профессиональной сцене более 15 лет.  Свою карьеру начинала как конкурсная певица. Победитель и обладательница Гран-при многих престижных международных фестивалей и конкурсов, обладательница высокой государственной награды – медали Франциска Скорины. Финалистка Cолистка международной ассоциации фестивалей и артистов – WAFA. Стипендиат специального фонда президента Республики Беларусь по поддержке талантливой молодежи. Солистка государственного Молодежного театра эстрады (г. Минск).

Победительница музыкальных телевизионных проектов (Песня года Беларуси, Серебряный Граммофон, Звездный Ринг  и т. д.)

Обладательница “Национальной музыкальной премии ”.